How to Practice Guitar and Train Your Creativity

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This 211 page book contains a detailed guide on how to practice guitar more effectively, and how to become more creative - even if you're not a "creative person". 

This book is based on over a decade of experience, teaching 100s of students, as-well as lessons I have personally learned on my journey from being the worst guitar player at school, to composing heavy metal albums, classical albums, instrumental rock and soundtrack music. 

You will learn how to:

  • Plan practice time
  • Specific ways to handle problems when practising
  • The purpose of guitar practice and how this affects how we should practice
  • Psychological tricks to help you practice more effectively
  • How to learn more effectively
  • How to improve your guitar tone
  • What creativity is 
  • How to develop your creativity
  • How to become a prolific composer / songwriter
  • Specific examples of being creative with songwriting and melody writing
  • and more

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